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Writers vs Journalists: An Interesting Battle

Writers vs Journalists are a battle that has been raging for decades. When you start to look at what goes into their jobs, they do not really have that much in common except for the fact that both are trying to tell the world what is going on.

Journalists Meet People

Journalists can easily sit down with people and have a conversation. With a focus on the facts and less emphasis on opinion or personal opinion, they allow great dialogues to take place. Hence, it can be exciting to watch journalists work.

Writers Work in Isolation

Now compare this with the work of a freelance writer. These people are usually working from home or from an office. They have very little opportunity to sit down and have a conversation. Most of the time bloggers are not published by major publications and they get a great deal of their material from other people on the Internet.

Writers Have More Stress

There would also be a lot more pressure and difficulty to get the stories written and published for a writer than a journalist would have. A journalist can easily put his articles on the front page of a newspaper and have them read by hundreds of people.

If their story does not get printed, then journalists do not have to worry about another press release or having to come up with another five articles. The same cannot be said for a freelance writer. They can write as many stories as they want and chances are that no one will notice them. However, if they are famous, then they have a lot of explaining to do to their fans.

Journalists Have Exciting Work to Do

Journalists spend months trying to get information out to the public about events that have already taken place. This means that they spend hours interviewing people, following leads, and traveling to interviews. A freelance writer spends their days doing extensive research and writing and doing nothing else. They can be quite introverted.

How Writers Can Become Successful

There is some good news, though. There are several ways that writers can make their work more marketable and increase their earning potential. One of the best ways is to make sure that they are frequently submitting articles to online article directories. These websites allow for a free press release and you submit your story to them. The story will then be distributed to many different sites across the Internet so that a wider audience will be exposed to it.

Writing is hard work. It takes a lot of creativity and time to build a story that will capture the attention of readers. Many times, articles and stories written by writers get passed over because ordinary people may not take the time to read them.


However, if you use some of the techniques for writers, you can learn to create and distribute your written work more widely and you will not have to spend all of your time for something that doesn’t pay. You can instead focus your energy and time on promoting your writing and earning more money.