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Top 8 Journalists in Australia 2021

Top 8 Journalists in Australia 2021

The media has the power to shape the ideas of people towards a common future. We are influenced by the journalists that bring us everyday news as well as represent our questions in front of the government. Be it the local newspapers or TV news channels. The journalists run the entire program to keep the fourth pillar of society strong. The journalists in Australia have managed to provide us updates on all current affairs while educating us about our freedom time after time. Here are the top journalists of Australia in 2021.

Top 8 Journalists in Australia 2021

Melissa Penfold

Melissa Penfold is from Northern Territory, Australia. She has been a TV and Media journalist with a following of 240k on social media. Melissa has been a journalist for fashion, art, food, home and garden, and weddings. She is also a professional graphic designer

Leonardo Sakamoto

Leonardo Sakamoto is a TV and Media journalist with a following of 120k followers on social media. He also runs an account on Twitter with the name @leosakamoto. He is from Victoria and has been in the industry for over two decades. Leonardo loves pets and is a cat owner.


Gina is a journalist from New South Wales and has a following of 150k on social media. She is one of the popular fashion journalists in Australia who explores the best of Australian fashion. She has an engagement percentage of 3.6% on the internet.

Top 8 Journalists in Australia 2021

Zara McDonald

Zara McDonald is a smart and young journalist who loves to share updates on what is going on in the market. She is also an entrepreneur and likes to share his knowledge with the audience. She is also one of the hosts of the Shameless Podcast.

Sylvia Jeffreys

Sylvia is one of the most followed journalists in Australia, with a following of 270k on social media. Sylvia has an engagement rate of 2.5%. Sylvia has been a host for fitness, photography, trainer, and TV and Media. She currently hosts Today Extra with David Campbell.

Jonathan Pie

Jonathan Pie is a character by Tom Walker who appears in a series of videos where he rants about British, American, and Australian politics. Tom Walker plays the character so well that he might actually be speaking his own opinions. He has developed a following of 170k followers on social media as Jonathan Pie.

Tania Safi

Tania Safi is an actor turned anchor who has appeared in several movies, theatres, and performances. She is also an entrepreneur and works as a TV journalist. Tania Safi has a following of 110k followers on social media. She is from New South Wales and has been working in Melbourne as a journalist.

Lauren Dubois

Lauren Dubois

Lauran Dubois is an Australian journalist and a news presenter. She is also an influencer on social media today, with a following of 55,000 followers. She is a mother of three and has written multiple books about parenting and lifestyle.